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Art. Food. Feast. An art-filled seasonal vegetarian cookbook.

Let’s get reconnected with real food a little more. Let’s become better acquainted with nature, seasons, and flavours via that eating thing we do several times a day. Let’s make this fun!

Art inspired by food. This is an art meets food project where I perfect seasonal recipes that ‘happen to be vegetarian’ and use these as the inspiration for an accompanying painting. Both are for you to enjoy.

There will be 140 recipes at the end, each with an artwork. 35 per season. All the vegetarian recipes are or will be available online for you to use. Even carnivores should enjoy them. The artworks for each recipe are originals that aim to capture something of the essence of the dish – the taste or origins or history or mythology or ingredients.

For full details on this project and to see all the artwork and recipes go to

I live and work on the beautiful lands of the Gumbaynggirr people. These lands were stolen. Sovereignty was never ceded.
I do my best to offer love and respect to all their Elders; past, present, and future.
I extend this respect and reverence to all Indigenous Elders across all nations throughout the world.
Let’s look after them and the old stories they hold from the land. We all need them more than ever.