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section from painting Doing the Never Never Dance

earth care

This is our only home.
I actively seek out materials and packaging from sources that will minimise harm to the earth.
The art supplies industry is frustratingly asleep at the wheel regarding information on sustainable sourcing of raw materials and the environmental impacts of the manufacturing processes. I prod when ordering supplies. However…

ethical & local

I support Australian businesses as much as possible. There’s often less carbon miles used. Small local businesses are essential to communities. We don’t need more multinationals.
I preference businesses who demonstrate a commitment to earth care or a social conscience.
There are some terrific Australian made art supplies. My preferred oil paints are from Art Spectrum. For acrylics and varnishes I use Derivan Matisse.


If it’s worth creating, it’s worth creating well.
I aim to paint long lasting works that my collectors will love and be able to pass on as heirlooms.
Works are created with the best materials I have available. I always aim to use the highest quality, most lightfast and archival artist paints, mediums and varnishes, on archival papers or canvas of a thickness & quality worth the effort of painting.


I ship worldwide and shipping is free within Australia.


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I live and work on the beautiful lands of the Gumbaynggirr people. These lands were stolen. Sovereignty was never ceded.
I do my best to offer love and respect to all their Elders; past, present, and future.
I extend this respect and reverence to all Indigenous Elders across all nations throughout the world.
Let’s look after them and the old stories they hold from the land. We all need them more than ever.