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art by Fiona Morgan of wherefishsing

I want to remind You
to listen to the
heartbeat of the Earth


My art ranges through modern botanical art, food painting & nature art; climate action & environmental activism. I take an approach of slowing down and tuning into the ‘essence’ of my subject. Then add a dash of playfulness and joy.

My interest is in re-inspiring our innate awe & wonder in order to reconnect us with the natural world around us. And to awaken a sense of place.

I believe it’s important that we are healing the way we view & treat the world as only dead resources for extraction and that we reinstate in our everyday view the aliveness of the world and our role as guardians.
We need to tune in to our interconnectedness, to become sensitive to & aware of other ways of being, and deeply realise our kinship with all the beings of our world.

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This is the first place to receive my most important art news, with highlights, behind the scenes peeks, and musings. Sometimes it’s the only place. Look out for it around equinox & solstice, with rare announcements that simply cannot wait inbetween.


We are guardians & creators

What we notice
we care about

What we dream
we create

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“If we are to make the shift from an industrial growth society to a life-sustaining society there are three spheres of action.

Holding actions. These activities include all the political, legislative, and legal work required to reduce the destruction, as well as direct actions-blockades, boycotts, civil disobedience, and other forms of refusal. Work of this kind buys time.

Creation of structural alternatives, the new way of doing things and organising. New ways of growing food, of measuring prosperity, new forms of education.

But these new structures cannot take root and survive unless they are deeply rooted in our values; in our belief in what is worthwhile; in our assumptions about the nature of reality. You can call this a shift in consciousness.”
Joanna Macy

Philosopher Joanna Macy speaks of activism in three spheres. It is in the third sphere of action that my work belongs.

We have an urgent need to reconnect with nature as this is our home. We have forgotten how a sense of place gives us roots and nourishment. We have forgotten about seeing with a deep sense of time that’s not just this week or even just our lifetime. We are not the only beings that matter on this earth. The way we perceive is not the only way of perceiving.

I have come to realise that the stories we tell ourselves matter. We need to remind ourselves of the story of how we are guardians of the earth. We do not have to choose a Hollywood style dystopian nightmare.

How we relate to the earth and her beings, and the stories we tell ourselves are powerful. We can choose wiser ways of living. We can remember to listen to the heartbeat of the earth. We have done all this before.

I live and work on the beautiful lands of the Gumbaynggirr people. These lands were stolen. Sovereignty was never ceded.
I do my best to offer love and respect to all their Elders; past, present, and future.
I extend this respect and reverence to all Indigenous Elders across all nations throughout the world.
Let’s look after them and the old stories they hold from the land. We all need them more than ever.