Bello Food Gardening PODCAST


Bellingen Food Gardening PODCAST Food gardening advice specifically for Bellingen, by locals for locals

~ Currently on hold while undergoing a review and seeking funding ~

This is a monthly live Zoom call (sorry, I know we’re all a bit Zoomed out but it’s the best solution!). Last Thursday of every month. 4pm during winter. Put it in your diary.

We dive into a suggested topic with a local expert. You get to ask real live related questions. Then we have an open Q&A for your seasonal growing questions, and community announcements related to food growing (spare seeds? Looking for something?). Yes it will be recorded if you can’t make the live session.


This is a monthly live Zoom call with presentations by local experts and a live Q&A session.
Last Thursday of every month. 4pm during winter.
Put it in your diary.

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The Bello Food Gardening project is an evolving collision of art and food gardening information for this specific area. It began during the unique isolation times of the Coronavirus pandemic from March 2020. I’m not sure how long this will last, we’ll just take it week by week though I’m anticipating to continue until the end of September 2020. Perhaps it will end up covering an entire year in gardening.

The end of this project will be some sort of more widely available resource for the local community. I don’t know if that will be a book or a video series or what exact form this will take. 

Weekly tips and artwork are published here and on the ilovebelloshire website and newsletter.

Now there is a monthly live podcast (Zoom call).

If you can support this work by purchasing an artwork, that will help A LOT.

Come along for the journey!


Information is specific to the Bellingen area, especially the Bellinger valley. There is plenty of generic info out there, but as a member of Bellingen Seed Savers for the past 5? or maybe 7 years, I am very aware of how much truly useful information ISN’T out there. I am aiming to collate what I’ve gleaned over the years, and to maybe gather the knowledge of other local experts, especially food growing professionals.

Each week is accompanied by a painting inspired by the week’s theme. Why? Because if we don’t slow down and savour the beauty of this giant and collective pause then we have missed a huge opportunity. I know things are rough and I know that the world is changed. Let’s make it better.

Bellingen is a specific humid & wet river valley near the sea, with a subtropical rainfall pattern and, depending on your microclimate, anywhere between a temperate and true subtropical warmth zone. The generic information can send you off track. And there are unique opportunities.