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Artist Statement

My art explores an ongoing love of nature and a sense of possibility. Featuring food, plants, creatures real and imagined, hills, trees, full moons, playfullness and zen stillness, my art is semi abstract symbolism. It reminds you to walk your own path because the world smiles with possibility. Dreams, slow looking, a sense of hope, rock art, myth, the essence of things and the collective unconscious are all simmering together to create art for the brighter, calmer, radiant side of life.

Fishing the Sea of the Unconscious.
"We each must become like fishermen, and go out onto the dark ocean of mind, and let your nets down into that sea... And the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.

And so, to whatever degree, any one of us can bring back a small piece of the picture, and contribute it to the building of the new paradigm. Then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit."
- Terence McKenna

To read a poem as a chronicle of fact is - to say the least - to miss the point. To say a little more, it is to prove oneself a dolt - Joseph Campbell

My Current Project

Art inspired by food. Currently I am in the final stages of an art meets recipes project where I perfect seasonal recipes that 'happen to be vegetarian' and use these as the inspiration for an accompanying painting. There will be 140 recipes at the end, each with an artwork. 35 per season. All the vegetarian recipes are available online for people to make use of. Even carnivores should enjoy them. They are there to make your life easier if you need or want to prepare a vege meal. The paintings are deliberately varied in style with barely a traditional still life in sight. I try to capture something of the essence of the dish, it's ingredients or heritage. All artworks are or will be for sale. The project is currently the main subject for my blog, so you can easily follow the progress, dish by dish. On completion, all the recipes and paintings will be compiled into a real-world-printed-on- paper cookbook which will be available to purchase.

See all the artwork and recipes at http://www.wherefishsing.com/cookbook